What is this?
Shooting it RAW is a podcast created and hosted by me, Ran Elfassy. The point is to keep finding interesting people who can share a little about how they see the world and what makes them tick. Each conversation starts by reviewing an image the guest finds meaningful.

OK. But why Shooting it RAW?
A RAW file is the unprocessed image information coming from a digital camera's image sensor. Although the phrase is from photography, the show isn't purely about how to make beautiful pictures. Since most people these days have a smartphone and they can make amazing photos pretty easily, it's more interesting to share what people are doing and how they see the world – with their photos, in life, everything!


So this is to get RAW with guests?
Sure! The theme is to start each episode with a meaningful image. We start with a photo and then who knows where we end up?

Where did this come from?

The podcast can be traced back to when Sony held a contest on the NatGeo channel. Along with a few others, Sony picked me for a feature in a commercial. They did it because I was in the middle of a 350-week-long performance called 350 Rans.


To watch a 5-minute YouTube clip of the 350 Rans gallery, click here (or the screenshot, below).


What's so special about you, anyway?

Probably nothing. Maybe something. Then again, probably nothing... The point is to share what my guests have to say!


I was born in Jerusalem but from age one I grew up in Montréal. I was mute until three and once I started talking I didn't really stop. Fast-forward to 2003 when my wife and I decided to move to Hong Kong.


As for my personality, I laugh easily and I'm on the brash or blunt side of things. Impulsive, sensitive, irreverent, thoughtful... And fun. In Hebrew, my name means joy, and what a GREAT name to set the tone of my life! In a nutshell, I can be a prick like an Israeli but considerate like a Canadian.*

I don't take myself too seriously but sureasshit take my work seriously. Like Shark Rescue, which I did between 2009-2016, or the work I've done since 2006 on Service-Network Leadership with Po Chung:


  • In my 20s, I was free-climbing with Dr. P when he slipped and fell about 15 meters off the cliff. I revived him and got a rescue team to haul ass to the hospital. Lucky him, he only has a horseshoe-shaped scar on his head as a souvenir.
    This one's got a You ontology.


  • A few months after that, I was waiting at an intersection when a car careened onto the sidewalk. Three brain hemorrhages and a coma later, I awoke to months of paralysis, amnesia, and the need for rehab after some serious brain injury. Lucky me – I completely recovered!
    This one's got an I


  • In 2003, my wife and I moved from Montreal to Hong Kong. Within a few days, I was hired as a senior editor on medical, HR and legal magazines. This was added to the 30+ different jobs I've had in my life. Oh, if you ever hear it's bad to have lots and lots of jobs on your resume, call bullshit. You're a Renaissance soul – embrace it!

    If you've never been to Hong Kong and are curious, here's my gallery of
    HK's fauna... Be amazed!


  • In 2004, Delian and I were learning to surf in Sri Lanka when we were caught in the Boxing Day tsunami. Incredibly – luckily, randomly – we survived. You can read about that experience here.
    This one's got a We ontology.


  • In 2006, I met and began my apprenticeship with Po Chung, co-founder of DHL International. DHL... Yes, the DHL that's a global powerhouse that people around the world trust and depend on. Po's the real deal and I've helped him develop programs in Leadership Consulting, Service-Network Leadership, and much more. Many of the insights I've picked up over the years are woven into each episode.


Yeah, but what's the point?

Exactly! What is the point about anything?

I want to entertain, inspire, reveal, share, and get deep into the idea that every second is a gift. The world is so amazing and we have so much to be thankful for.

If you would like to see how I'm helping professionals become better Service-Network Leaders, check out Service Detox Consulting.

Thank you for visiting!

*For example, I could tell you to go fuck your mother, but it's like with all due respect, OK?  Sorry.

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