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The RAW Happy Accident by Ran

The RAW Happy Accident

An artist statement and why the podcast came to be. View a 7-minute clip of all the photos
here. Read about the performance here.

Photo published in Time magazine with the article on Ran and Cadence

Read how my daughter and I stayed one step ahead of the COVID-19 curve. Can you spot the RAW photo in the Time  magazine article by Hillary Leung? Check it out here!

There's Noooooo Way that's Placebo – by Ran Elfassy

There's Noooo Way that's Placebo!

Do you take anti-anxiety meds for whatever reason? Here's an account of how I used CBD oil to get off venlafaxine and other meds. Check it out here!

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Lesson Six

Delian and I were taking surfing lessons in Sri Lanka when the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami happened. Read the story here.

The 12 Dimensions of a Service Leader

In early 2006, I met a retired businessman who wanted some help with his writing and editing. We would meet for breakfast and have these great conversations.

One morning, I asked him what his story was and he said he had co-founded a courier company – one of those three-letter company names that didn't ring a bell. IBM, UPS... That kind of thing. I didn't recognize what he said.

After leaving the meeting, I started seeing DHL everywhere. Since then and over the years, I've been lucky enough to help this visionary business leader, and one of the books we wrote is The 12 Dimensions of a Service Leader.

Be inspired, check it out

12 Dimensions of a Service Leader cover.
DA09 Shark Rescue 1-logo-1.png

Shark Rescue

Out of the 2008-2009 financial crisis came the motivation to launch and run a  campaign to protect sharks and our oceans.
There's still so much work to be done!

From 2009-2016 Shark Rescue helped raise awareness of the unsustainable and brutal fishery. Dormant but not dead, here are a few highlights.  

Shark Rescue poster
Shark Rescue Poster
Video of Shark Rescue's launch
Cheung Fu Street Stream

A Moon Over Cheung Fu Street

A short story of a crayfish, a magpie and a forest cockroach named Paul. To read it, click

High Time to Sea by Ran Elfassy.png

A High Time to Sea

What it's like to volunteer on a cetacean-research expedition with Biosphere Expeditions.
To read it, click