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The NFTs

Own a piece of history –
believe in the "Shooting it RAW" legacy! 

Starting in November 2021, Shooting it RAW began offering artwork and associated videos from the "350 Rans" photo performance and from the Shooting it RAW podcast. These are listed under the titles of "Shooting it RAW NFTs". 

The 350 Rans performance began on 20 February 2004 and ended 350 weeks later, on 28 October 2010. The performance resulted in a commercial for the Sony Cybershot series, and the podcast, called Shooting it RAW.


To view the full collection, click here

1. Why release these items as NFTs?
Collectors, buyers, and investors should consider buying these items as NFTs as they plan to grow their collections and portfolios. Of course, you need to believe in the mission of the work and want to support it.


By releasing these works as NFTs, not only do you get sole ownership of the digital file, but you also support the podcast that has grown out of the 350 Rans photo series and the subsequent Shooting it RAW podcast.

In plain English: The money earned from the sale of these works will fund the podcast growth and development.  

2. Where did this come from?

The podcast can be traced back to when Sony held a contest on the NatGeo channel. Along with a few others, Sony picked Ran for a feature in a commercial. They did it because Ran was in the middle of a 350-week-long performance called 350 Rans.


To watch the 5-minute YouTube clip of the whole 350 Rans series, click here (or the screenshot, below).


* This video will also be offered as an NFT. 


In plain English: The NFTs are based on the 6.5-year photo project that resulted in the podcast being recorded to this day. 

3. How can I own or invest in any of these works?

The series of works are being progressively released through trusted NFT-selling platforms such as OpenSea

4. Is there a release plan?

Starting on 18 November 2021 and for each subsequent week, three images/videos associated with the limited NFT collection will go up as NFT items.

5. Is there an initial pricing plan?

Yes. The initial price offering follows this schedule:

  1. Shooting it RAW NFTs # 151-199:       0.03 ETH

  2. Shooting it RAW NFTs #101-150 and 200-249:   0.06 ETH

  3. Shooting it RAW NFTs #51-100 and 250-299:   0.09 ETH

  4. Shooting it RAW NFTs # 16-50 and 300-334:   0.12 ETH

  5. Shooting it RAW NFTs  # 6-15 and 335-344:   0.30 ETH

  6. Shooting it RAW NFTs # 1-5 and 345-350:   0.50 ETH

  7. Shooting it RAW NFTs 350 X-1:    1.00 ETH

  8. Shooting it RAW NFTs 350  X-2:   10.00 ETH

To view the full collection, click here

6. Can I invest now to own the whole series?


Simply contact us to start the conversation. 


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